The haves, and the have nots.

Excerpt from a novel by W. Somerset Maugham, “Of Human Bondage” Copyright 1915

Context: Philip, an entitled student was surprised at the ingratitude of his teacher, Monsieur Ducroz, when he gave him a ten-mark instead of eighteen pence, the usual pay.  He felt pity for the old man who appeared ill and broken-spirited.

Place: A study in Heidelberg, Germany

Time:  1840’s

He (Philip) was taken aback to find that the old teacher accepted the present as though it was his due.  He was so young, he did not realize how much less is the sense of obligation in those who receive favours than in those who grant them.

A few days later Philip’s teacher returned to give his pupil his lesson.  Before he left, he spoke the following.

If it hadn’t been for the money you gave me I should have starved.  It was all I had to live on.


November 1

Enter November

Here’s November,

The year’s sad daughter,

A loveless maid,

A lamb for the slaughter,

An empty mirror,

A sunless morn,

A withered wreath,

The husk of corn,

A night that falls,

Without a tomorrow,

Here’s November,

The month of sorrow.

“The New Book of Days”

October 28th

Autumn Sigheth

Wind bloweth

Water floweth

Feather flieth

Bird goeth

Whither, bird?

Who can tell?

None knoweth…



Wind bawleth,

Rose fadeth,

Leaf falleth.

Wither, leaf,

Where you fell,

Winter calleth…



Tree turneth

Bonfire burneth,

Earth resteth

Sleep earneth.

Wither, earth?

To dream a spell

Till flower returneth…

Sleep well.