What goes around, comes around…

This year for Christmas, my daughter gave me a book called “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s about creativity.

With this book in mind, a revelation was bestowed upon me today, when I looked back to a journal I received  from my friend Isabel, about 3 years ago.  Lo and behold, on the first page, of the journal, I had jotted down the title, “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have no recollection of doing so. Yet, because of my daughter’s insight to gift me this book, the generosity of ‘mi amiga’, Isabel, and my compulsion to write things down, the past and present merged in meaningful connections between things, and important people in my life.  It reminded me that what goes around comes around, and whatever else matters keeps blowing in the wind.

This experience eroded my healthy skeptical tendencies.  For a second, I almost have to believe Elizabeth when she says, ‘creativity is magic, and ideas float around in the air waiting to be snatched up by innovative people’.  I’m almost done reading “Big Magic” now, and might add, have been pleasantly enlightened in the process.  I do recommend Elizabeth’s book.  She encourages you to pursue ALL creative endeavors.  With that said, as an artist it is a challenge to convey the feeling of surprise, and that aha! moment, we are fortunate to have.  It may be irrelevant whether or not others feel the sense of awe I wanted to convey .  What is relevant however, is I tried.