It never ceases to amaze me how my body adjusts itself to time change, after traveling from East to West.  Seven hours difference between Finland and Connecticut is quite a bunch of time.  At nine o’clock at night, I realized it was really four in the morning, and at two, three, and four in the morning, in Connecticut, I found myself with wakeful eyes, as my mind and body were still in mid-morning mode back in Helsinki.

One of the activities that brings balance back into daily life, after travel, is exercise.  This morning, a stroll helped me to realize that I really was back home.  On my way, without my third eye hanging around my neck, I observed one of the places which normally catches my eyes on this routine journey, and that is the wetlands, hidden in the woods alongside the road.  I was amazed at the light and reflections glistening on the water.  The colors were dark, saturated and vibrant, and I thought, “what beauty there is in the world.”  On my way back home, I was reminded once more of the wonders of nature, when on the other side of the road, I heard a rustling in the brush. With a closer look, I saw a wild turkey, and a group of small fuzzy babes following close behind. Upon moving in on the mother and her brood, there was, suddenly, an abrupt  swooping sound of the flapping of wings from the opposite side.  A huge turkey  emerged out of the wetlands, and crossed overhead.  The loud noise expressed by this clumsy and heavy pre-historic like creature, told me I should retreat from my benevolent pursuit.  So, I was on my way.

Little by little, and thankfully so, my nights get longer, and the fatigue wears off. This has enabled me to get back on track, and at least think about being more productive. With living in general, we learn that adjustments, both physical and emotional, happen over the course of time.  They say that the “T” word heals everything, even jet lag.

A New Day!

Upon awakening this morning, early, falling out of bed I tried to get my feet back on the ground.  It was still dark, when a quick flash from outside flickered before my eyes.  Lightening! Then followed the thunder.  The gods are awake.  Thor is calling in the morning.  Then the sound of rain could be heard on the pavement.  Thankfully, it was a new day!