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Books of Interest

“The Crops Look Good: News Fom a Midwestern Family” by Sara de Luca

“Wolf Winter” by Cecilia Eckback

Takes place in 1770 when a Finnish Family of refugees, move to Swedish Lapland.

Cinderella is out on the big screen once again. Can’t wait to see it.

Facebook flaunting couples are truly happy. Wonder what Chekhov would say about this bit of newsūüėĒ

Scott Walker is making newsūüėĘ

A high of 63 expected today with sunshine. What more can one ask for?


Carpe Diem & the Lion

Snow March 8, 2013
Snow ~ March 8, 2013  It came in like a lion.

When there’s nothing else to talk about, there’s always the weather. ¬†Weather is the essence of nature, and a metaphor for human behavior, not to mention how much it can influence our mood and outlook. Today is no exception. The morning was beautiful, as I drove to work. ¬†There was a light fog, the sun, at its normal place in the horizon for this time of day, was shining through the forest, making the dew drops hanging on the trees, glisten like crystal. What else could I ask for, except for my camera, which I decided to leave at home. ¬†So, I went to my pockets to find my iPhone, and stopped myself to say, “just enjoy it!” ¬†It’s the best advice I’ve given myself all day. ¬†If I had taken pictures of it, I probably wouldn’t be writing this down. ¬†Besides, I would have been late to work.

So back to the weather. ¬†We get fed up with winter, and the snow, but really, the temperatures are relatively more civilized now, than they were 2 years ago, when we were in the midst of a nor’easter. ¬†It was the month of March, coming in like a lion. ¬†This photograph, which I found archived and unpublished, is a testimony to that storm. ¬†Despite the teasing of more sunshine and nice temps, we are not out of the woods yet, though it seems we are turning an optimistic corner towards spring. I am looking forward to blossoms, and the fresh smell in the air. ¬†It will come! ¬†Today it’s over 50 degrees, so that’s a start. In future days, I will hopefully be out early enough to find more beautiful mornings, like I did today. ¬†Mornings of fog, mist, dew and hazy sunshine, and who knows, what else. ¬†It was Carpe Diem, at its best!

The Sun Turns Black

When sorrow spills out on the earth, a river of tears gushes through the valleys. Birds sing a requiem, and the sun turns black. A blue moon rises in the sky, remembering, and the forest gets darker and darker. Dusk falls, while the cobalt rays of the lunar aura, glow down on a world engulfed by sadness.