“In a Dream”

“In a Dream”

 They came together in a dream

When they were young.

Hand in hand,

They stepped into the verdant forest

Where flowers bloomed in spring

Where birds forever sing.

They lay themselves down along the stream

wearing blue jeans, and boots, to stomp on the marshy ground.

There, they were still.

 She ran her fingers through his golden curls

And gazed into his sad blue eyes

And with his long and elegant hands,

He traced her smile and happy face.

 They set their clothes to the side and kissed and made love.

And when they were finished, they dressed as the fish began to swim.

He gave her his shirt to wear and she to him her baggy velvet coat.

They smiled and giggled as they saw themselves dressed in each other’s clothes.

 And then they rose and walked out of the forest and out of the dream.

And as they crossed the threshold of reality

They gently let go of each other’s hands

And softly drifted away.

 By Me