“Dreary Abandonment”

A homeless shadow moves up the rutted driveway,
flanked by spent weeds of summer past.
Lightened tracks in the bend make it want
to turn to the left around to the back. But wait!
There is a shed ahead…what to do?
An aura is wavering in the diminishing light of dusk.
The shrouded door and window of the porch,
uninvitingly beckon the obscure figure
to come and take refuge from the bitter cold.
If only the abject and lonely house
didn’t cause second thoughts, Ah!
If only, to warm the hands and toes
and satiate the void of loneliness and sorrow
engulfing the spirit and heart.
All that exists is ‘dreary abandonment’!

The Photograph, “Dreary Abandonment” was created by David Dreimiller, a photographer from Garrettsville, Ohio

Our Only Hope


Our only hope


What’s wrong with protecting your children?

Do we really need to go to that place?

There is enough weirdness in the world

So much disgrace…


Let it go!

Be a shield of strength

Blocking the evil forces


Come love

and forget,

our only hope.




Carpe Diem

“Carpe diem”


To enjoy is my goal today

With toys go out and play

And hold the key of utter fun

Take the ball, and with it run.


The sun doth shine brightly on my brow

I shout with glee that thou art with me now

And may tomorrow bring us goodness

That we find today in nature’s ‘jeunesse’.


Of what more are hopes and dreams made?

As if the peace of love falls down upon us

In form of wind, mist, the coo of a dove, hello she bade

o’er head and swoops down from above.


How lucky to enjoy the day

As we seize the moment, and go out to play.